How to Purchase & Download Your pictures

The Start of a day begins at 10am. You may find me at the Rock Store prior to that and or at Cars and Coffee every second Sunday of the month.

As you can see on the map You can expect to see me photographing at any one of the colored star locations. The exact spot I will be photographing from will depend on lighting and weather, so I can get the best shot possible.

Safety first

The most important thing is to … STAY IN YOUR LANE. If you are unable to control your vehicle within the confines of a single lane then you must slow down. This is a tight highly technical piece of road with steep drop offs, few guard rails and little room for error. Every week there are one or two serious accidents on The Snake, most which are caused by vehicles crossing the double yellow line or unsafe speeds.

Your part

Riders and drivers in search of a sharp tack shot should understand that speed does not result in a better photo. In fact, just the opposite is the case. U-turns Many riders enjoy working a section of The Snake multiple times in order to better master an especially challenging apex. If you are going to make a U-turn on Mulholland, please do so with extreme caution. Most of the turns on The Snake are blind and are governed by a double yellow. For your and others safety you may have to go farther to safely execute it in a permitted location.

Private Sessions

I’m here to capture you at your best and your best angles. I offer several options to maximize your exposure time in front of the camera.

All special sessions get same day delivery priority.

• One on One photo sessions $150 – 195 (Depending on time and requests).

• Multiple rider’s session 2-5 riders/ Drivers 8-10 Photos each $85 (per person).

• Pre-pay for the day $100 and receive 6-12 phenomenal shot at different angles. • 10+     Phenomenal shots plus 1 video (Multiple angles) $125

• Ultimate package – Up to 3 hours of One on One still shoots. Ground HD video as well as aerial drone video with 4K quality $395.

Please contact me with any question or requests you may have.

I’ll be happy to assist.